So.. tired..

I’ve been awake way too many hours now, and that has affected my day a bit. I’ve taken a photo (below) of what I’d rather be doing now just to illustrate, but as you can see it’s a little (very) grainy, but I just didn’t bother taking a new one:

I’m kind of trying to improve my circadian rhythm, though, so I think I should try to stay awake a few more hours so that I don’t wake up way too early tomorrow…

However, in addition to my eyes being tired, there’s been some other signs that I probably should go to sleep now:

Earlier today I tried to validate my travel card for the public transport with my student ID… It was not that suprising that the machine didn’t respond to the card. It took me more seconds than necessary to figure out why the machine didn’t react, though, and I actually tried to validate my student ID as a travel card a couple of times before I realized that I was holding the wrong card… And later on, whilst buying groceries, I was about to use my access card to my student dorm room to pay for the groceries. I actually saw it just before I was about to put it in the chip terminal and started laughing at myself for managing to mistake an almost completely white card without a chip with my green and grey debit card.

While I was studying for the theoretical test of taking the drivers license, I learned that you can draw parallels between being drunk and being sleepy and tired. And since I personally think that using the wrong card twice in a short amount of time might qualify to the »Go home … You’re drunk»-meme, in addition to that I caught myself slightly swaying while I was standing in a store, I think that I have proven today that it’s true that you can seem drunk even when you’re just sleepy and tired.


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